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Michigan Job Expo. Wednesday, October 30, 2019.

Wyndham Garden Hotel - Sterling Heights, MI

Michigan Job Expo. Wednesday, November 20, 2019.

Marriott Hotel - Southfield, MI

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Resume Writing Tip #1

Are you receiving interviews?

Create a professional email address. So, if you haven’t already done so, ditch that email address you’ve been using since high school. Choose a professional email provider like Gmail or Outlook. Use your name.

Resume Writing Tip #2

What does your resume say about you?

Tailor your resume to the job. The key here is to write with the recruiter or employer in mind. Review the job description of the open position, you will be able to tell which skills and qualifications are going to be prioritized by the recruiter. Take your cue from there, and choose what to put in your resume.

Resume Writing Tip #3

Submit the best resume to get hired.

Choose the right resume style. There are three basic types of resumes: chronological, functional and combination. Chronological resumes focus on work experience, and list professional experience in order from most to least recent. Functional resumes concentrate more on experience for career professionals. A combination style works well for first-time job seekers.

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